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I fell in love with watercolor before I had any formal training in the medium, and that's a good thing!

Had I taken instruction first, I might have missed the love of my life.

Watercolor is a wonderful medium.
I often paint in my garden (my dog helps).

© Jessica Wesolek, Santa Fe, New Mexico

That was in the late sixties, and without saying anything else about the state of my consciousness then, it was mesmerizing to see how watercolor and paper interacted, and how their relationship had a mind of its own.

So, without reading any books or asking anybody who knew anything, I started to play . . . and play and play.

It certainly had its frustrations, but in my blissful ignorance of what could and could not happen, I just figured the problems out. If the paper buckled up, I bought heavier paper. If the color ran, I picked it up with my damp brush, if it dried too fast, I added more water . . . you get the idea.

After much practice, I was happy with my watercolor work. Other people were too, so they bought it, and some San Francisco galleries took it in.

Then, one day, I tried to get into a Watercolor Society show and found out I was doing everything ALL WRONG. Thanks heavens I hadn't talked to them first!

I added some Watercolor classes to my agenda and found out I was doing everything they were doing (right), but with a lot more color. My brilliant color was what got on the Society's nerves.

But, watercolor can be all those things - light and loose, or intense and detailed. Whatever you want.

However, you still have to get to know its personality or you won't like your results.

There are many great watercolor teachers in this world, but I have never found a book or a class that taught it the way I wanted to learn it.

So I had to create that class myself, and this is it.

As I do with all my workshops, I deconstructed the subject into manageable bites which we "chew and digest" by completing simple, no-fail exercises.

We can also use these techniques to work small in watercolor - to fit our journals and sketchbooks.


You will paint this pencil in this workshop, and yours will look just as good as this one does.


You will paint this pencil in this workshop, and yours will look just as good as this one does.

Watercolor is perfect for painting in journals because it is so portable.