Sheer Heaven is a wonderful, indestructible, translucent art paper available exclusively from Originally created for all-media artwork, it was later found to be a vehicle for the most flawless and quick drying inkjet transfers we've seen - using only household rubbing alcohol as the transfer medium. A step-by-step Tutorial is presented here with many samples, and video demos can be found at this link:

Now, it’s time for what we think is the most exciting news about inkjet transfers - maybe ever.

We have known from the beginning that there is a strange relationship between alcohol and the chemical used to etch the surface on Sheer Heaven. The alcohol turns the Sheer Heaven semi-opaque white. So when a Sheer Heaven fan wrote to say she had discovered this transfer technique, we had some experimenting to do.

We first found that she was right - we made the first successful transfers we had ever made, and it was easy, non-sticky, quick drying, and foolproof.

We also discovered some very interesting characteristics of that opaque white stuff. So, if you’re ready for excitement, let’s start with the basics:

What You Need:
Sheer Heaven

Inkjet Printer, Copier, or 3 in 1 (both the common dye-based and less common pigment based inkjets will work equally well)

70% Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol - This is the most common kind you will find in your medicine cabinet. Do not use the 90% or ethyl rubbing alcohol (not as common).

Spray Bottle that will give you a fine mist. These are available at art supply stores, but an empty hair spray bottle will do fine.

Porous Receiver Surface - This transfer technique will not work on non-porous surfaces because the ink cannot sink in and will spread sideways and blur instead. Here are some surfaces we’ve tried with great success: watercolor paper, print paper, absorbant card stock, muslin fabric, ultrasuede fabric, balsa wood, tissue wrapping paper, handmade papers, journal pages, and bisque fired unglazed tile.

Bone Folder

Images printed on the Sheer Heaven to Transfer