sheer heaven vellum
The most exciting art surface since paper!
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Sheer Heaven is translucent like vellum and looks like frosted glass, but is a nice weight to go through your printer (inkjet or laser) and it produces a wonderful image. We are discovering new ways to use Sheer Heaven every day - with the help of artists and artisans around the world. Since Sheer Heaven was released in early 2001, the word we hear most often from our customers is “love”.

Here are just some of the reasons why (see Sample Techniques at the bottom of this page):

Artists . . .
Paints, inks, pencils, and pastels
take on a wonderful new depth and richness when applied to Sheer Heaven, and no amount of moisture will cause a warping or surface degradation.

Sheer Heaven has an etched tooth that will not flatten with any number of layers of media.

You can dye it, dip it, dunk it and drown it!
And soak it and spray it and spritz it! It will dry like new every time - without a warp or a wrinkle. Use a wax crayon to create batiks with successive dye baths - just iron the Sheer Heaven between newsprint sheets to remove the wax when finished.

Decoupage and Collage
Because moisture does not bother Sheer Heaven, you can use it as a beautiful, translucent base for collage, overlaying rice and other papers with acrylic mediums. Print the Sheer Heaven with a background texture or image before even beginning your collage.

Recycle your transfer leftovers into collage substrates.

Images drawn, painted, or printed on the Sheer heaven itself can be applied to collages using acrylic mediums and the pieces will lie flat and dry smooth.

Photographers . . .
Print beautiful, translucent photographs on your inkjet or laser printer . . .

Sheer Heaven will print on home or office laser printers without melting (do not use high speed duplicators at copy centers because they are hotter). Inkjet prints have an ethereal quality and you can see through them. And we must not forget the transfer possibilities.

Rubber Stampers . . .
You can use pigment inks on Sheer Heaven and they will dry without heat setting. Not only do they dry, they eventually become waterproof and you can't even scrub them off!

You can heat emboss on Sheer Heaven!
Hold the heat tool at least 6" away and there will be no effect from the heat.

Sheer Heaven is the only "vellum" you can paint on with water based media.

Book Artists:
Picture indestructible, translucent pages and overlays, archival and acid free - that will accept all media, even collage, without bulging.

End papers made of Sheer Heaven will never crack or tear along the folds.

You can fold and refold it - it won’t crack or tear!

Masks and Stencils:
Sheer Heaven cuts easily with scissors, lies flat and hugs your paper - and you can see through it.

Stencil art looks fabulous on Sheer Heaven too.

Explore the exciting possibilities!
Click the pictures below for some unusual techniques:

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Kid’s Crayolas
Grow Up!
Follow our Art Blog for all the new ideas that come along for using Sheer Heaven and some legacy posts on older ideas.

Sheer Heaven has a “right” side for printing and artwork. It can be felt as a suede-like finish as opposed to the absolutely smooth finish of the back. If you cannot feel the difference, hold a sheet lightly on the flat of your hand. The sheet will curl very slightly in the direction of its back side. There are also many techniques that can be done on the back side - like paste paper effects, and the addition of backgrounds behind art already finished on the front.

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