Everybody's got more photos than ever before and most people aren't ever printing them. Why?

Because it's too hard to understand resolution and resizing and pixel widths and all that other technical stuff.

There are several printers that will work with your iPad, but your choices for photo size are impossibly limited.

Getting a photo printed at the size you need is way too much work, or at least, it wastes most of a piece of expensive photo paper!

Well, we have solved all that.

In this revolutionary workbook, you will learn to use any photo or image from your iPad in your art journal, your scrapbook, or in any artwork - in just the perfect size for your layout, and you won't even have to think about a pixel, or measurements of any kind.

We just use iPad magic, anyimage from your Photos Gallery, and a wonderful free app to get the job done.

AND, we can add captions or group our photos together into collages, and then print the whole shebang as one perfectly sized piece that goes into our journal or scrapbook in one easy step. All the hard work is already done - and it wasn't even hard!This workbook even includes templates for a typical journal spread and popular card sizes to make things even easier.

If you have images in that Photos library, you NEED to have this book!

iPad Workbook 12, Printing Photos from Your iPad

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This Workbook stands alone. You do not need to have any of the other iPad Studio Workbooks to understand everything in this one.

If you are clueless about images and photos on your iPad in general, how to move them around, do simple editing, get them in and out of your iPad, you should also get
iPad Studio Workbook 1, which fills you in on all of that.

NOTE . . .
This Workbook is not about the technicalities of using printers with the iPad, because that subject is too vast.

We assume you have some printer your iPad will print to, and the app for that, but if not, you can send the layouts you make to your computer and print them from there.


Information is presented and illustrated in my signature, step-by-step approach to learning.

"This is virtually the only way to do page layout of any kind on the iPad, and the methods in this workbook can be greatly expanded upon for other projects."

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