A Romp Through Your Creativity!

This workshop is for you if:

You know nothing about drawing, painting, sketching, or art journaling, but you sure would like to.

You know lots about all of the above, but would like to access your creative ideas, imagination, sense of fun, and your inner child, to make expressing yourself visually a lot more fun.

You have all the time in the world for art, but no inspiration or ideas.

You have no time for art AND your inspiration and ideas are nothing to write home about either.

You WANT to make art on some kind of regular basis , dang it!

Workshop Details:

The workshop lasts for three months, and is delivered in packages of 4 Lessons per month, all emailed to you on the 15th. You can work through them all in one week, or stretch them out over 4 weeks. Each lesson, complete in it own PDF file leads you through the concept and execution of one journal page or spread, and will take 1-2 Hours to complete (depending on your own comfortable working speed).

You can purchase the Workshop for $60 for the quarter or $25/month if you purchase them when they are released each month.

First set of Lessons goes live January 15, 2015

Supply List:

I have included links to these things at Dick Blick.com in my favorite brands, but other brands are ok too. Use what you have first.

Sketchbook(s) You may need two for the year. 5.5" x 8.5" is the best size so you don't have too much real estate to cover to complete a page. The pages should take watercolor without warping, and a smooth texture makes for nice ink lines. My favorites are:

Stillman & Birn Zeta Sketchbook (expensive) or

Strathmore Art Journal Bristol or Mixed Media (not expensive) or


#3H Pencil (Prismacolor Turquoise is a good brand, but any will do)

Magic Rub Eraser (or any SOFT white vinyl eraser)

Pitt Pen Fine Point Black (or any waterproof ink pen)

Niji Water Brush, Small Tip (this brand does not leak and this tip provides just the right flow of moisture as you paint.


Box of pan watercolors with a palette of some kind with small wells to hold washes, and a bottle that dispenses water by the drop or any eyedropper)


Set of Watercolor Pencils (Basic Colors - avoid kid brands)


Set of water-soluble markers (any brand - kid brands like Crayola or Sargent OK)

If you have all three types of water-media, you can use them all, but you don't NEED more than one.

We will use the most basic sketching and painting processes I could devise, so everybody can do this, but please feel free to be as elaborate as you like - use your own style or your own media - as long as the IDEA remains most important! THAT's what we're here for.


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$60/Quarter or $25/Month

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