iPad Travel/Art Journal Retreat
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Supply List: iPad and Stylus

That's all, folks!

Believe it or not, you can create an ENTIRE art journal, travel journal, or any other kind of journal COMPLETELY on your iPad.

Your itinerary, your sketches, your paintings (in any media you prefer - from colored pencils to watercolor) your photos, your collages, your handwritten notes, and anything you want to type in a choice of fonts. Take quick photos of your surroundings, meals, and adventures on the spot, and stick them on a page immediately with your added notes. No glue, no supplies to carry. You can journal anywhere . . .

Have you ever picked up your journal or sketchbook and taken a picture with it? Of course not. But you can do just that with your iPad Journal.

And you can work back and forth with a real-life paper journal easily. That is what I do. My iPad Travel Journal has everything about the trip, and my paper journal has the things I want to sketch on real paper.

Your iPad Journal is also saved as a PDF, so it can be printed in whole or in part and added to your paper journal, or saved as a hard copy itself.

This is magical stuff indeed. And the best thing is that this way of journaling is so easy that you get it all done and don't leave out a thing!

And you can shuffle the page order around at any time you want.

What's not to love?


This retreat is hosted by Jessica Wesolek, artist/illustrator, art teacher, art journaler, Santa Fe Gallery owner, and professional photographer, who has lived and worked in Santa Fe for 22 years, loving it more every day.

And she loves her iPad.

She was the first person anywhere to offer workshops and worksbooks on iPad art, and is still the only person with enough iPad journaling experience to offer a workshop retreat like this.

See BIO at this LINK.


We will spend a wonderfully relaxing four days immersing ourselves in the creative magic and beauty that is Santa Fe, and recording it all in the journals we create right inside our iPads.

The Itinerary will go something like this:

Our workshop will be held in my beautiful vacation rental house in the village of Eldorado at Santa Fe - which is 5 miles outside the city limits.

Here is the link to explore pictures of the house, room descriptions etc. etc., but you would NOT be booking through Booking would be through your registration for the retreat.

The first three students to register can stay right at the three bedroom vacaion rental. A fourth person can stay if a shared room with two twin beds works for a mother/daughter. sisters, or best friends duo.

There is also usually a local student or two.

Tuesday - you will arrive and check-in. We will have a little Happy Hour party to get to know each other and the house.

Wednesday - We will begin at 10am and learn the basics of the iPad Art Journaling app. We will take small, local field trips to practice our journaling techniques, and come back to the house to review and share our pages.

Thursday - We will spend much of the day in Santa Fe having adventures worthy of journaling, and return to the house for guided studio time, learning more about the iPad journal.

Friday - The day will begin with more studio time, and we will spend the afternoon/evening in Santa Fe and attend some art openings.

Saturday - Studio time followed by whatever we decise. By this point, you will know what you want more of, and we will plan our afternoon accordingly. This is the fourth and final day of the workshop.

Sunday - You can check out and go home, or you can stay an extra day or two at the same rate, if the house is not booked. Extra days can be reserved ahead of time to be guaranteed.


All workshop related transportation will be proveded

By Air:

To fly to Santa Fe, you use the Albuquerque International Sunport. The airport in Santa Fe is small and extremely limited.

The Sunport is 50 miles south of Santa Fe, but there is a very good Shuttle which you can contact here. The shuttle will deliver you downtown and we can arrange to pick you up there. Current cost: $28 one way.

Sandia Shuttle

By Car:

Santa Fe is reached by taking I-25 north from Albuquerque, or south from Colorado.

The exit for Elorado at Santa Fe is Exit 290, and you will be provided easy directons to the house.


Our classroom size dictates a limited number of spaces, so sign-up soon to be sure of getting in.



Payment Options:

Tuition $600 ($550 if paid in full) ($150 non-refundable)

Installment Plan:

$300.00 upon Registration

Balance of $300 due by July 16, 2015

($550 in full or $600 Two Part Payment Plan)


We understand that life intervenes with emergencies, but we also must base this event on a designated number of attendees.Things like visiting cousins, pop-up weddings, or changing your mind, do not constitute emergencies.

If you have to cancel because of an emergency, we will try to sell your space. If we cannot find a replacement, we will discuss refund options with you as long as you cancel at least 60 days before the event.

$150 of your Registration fee is non-refundable.

To try to be fair to both sides, forfeited Tuition (minus the $150 reg fee) can be applied to to any digital product, eBook or online workshop offered by

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One-of-a-kind art journaling retreat in beautiful, Santa Fe!

Limited to 5 students.