The iPad as Art Studio?

Every artist I know has an iPad. But hardly any of them know how to use it as a studio - to actually create or help create their artwork.

These workbooks will show you how easy it is to do that - and how magical and fun!

Your iPad is actually a portable art studio - that is always at hand wherever you are.

Workbooks are PDF format books, averaging 50 pages each and instantly downloadable upon purchase.

Read them on your computer or in iBooks on your iPad.


The perfect place to start, this workbook is all about images on the iPad: where they are stored, how to manage them, how to handle apps, make screen shots, import photos from cameras and phones, basic photo editing and sketching functions, and much more. plus two mini-manuals for two great apps.

$15 Click here to purchase.

So many tangle artists want to practice their art on their iPads, and here is the simple, step-by-step way to do just that.

This is alsio a great workbook to learn doodling or line drawing of any kind on the iPad, and a basic introduction to how drawing and painting apps work.


$15 Click here to purchase.


Almost everything you can do with photos on a computer, you can do on your iPad. And a whole lot more too!

You can even take your photos with your iPad and work with them all in one place.

Edit, enhance, alter, distress, frame, and make collages, and that's only the beginning!

$15 Click here to purchase.


$15 Click here to purchase.

Not only does this Workbook teach you about printing from your iPad, it also teaches you how to resize and arrange your images so they print-to-fit your art project - whether it is your art journal, scrapbook, collage, or greeting card project.

You can work with single images, or even combine several into montages before printing them to fit your art.

Draw and paint on your iPad just as you would do in your studio and your work looks just like what you create with real world media.

This is my go-to art app on the iPad whenever I want to create any type illustration.

Learn to use it the easy way: step-by-step.

$15 Click here to purchase.

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