Who are we and what

The vast enterprise, Cre8it.com, actually consists of one lady, jessica, her dogs and cats, and her imaginary friend, Dear Me - the only one who really knows what is going on around here.

(See Dear Me at the right.)

We have been going along online quite successfully for about fifteen years now, and so we will probably stick to our way of doing things (described below).

We are located in a village a little ways outside of Santa Fe, NM and the lifestyle here is still slow and easy. We like it that way because we don't like stress, so don't offer us any.

We get things done as fast as we can, and how fast that is depends on how many Sheer Heaven orders are stacked up. Sheer Heaven is world famous and a lot of people want some. If your stars are aligned, your order might get out the same day you place it, but if not, it could take a day or two.


Shipping Policies (USA):

All shipping is done by Priority Mail, most in the Flat Rate Envelope for $6.00.

Any order that will not fit that envelope (like more than 50 sheets of Sheer Heaven), goes in a Priority Box for $10.00

Our Shopping Cart cannot count your sheets of paper, so it will always put a Shipping Charge of $6.00, which we will change to $10.00 if necessary.

We have never really lost a package in all these years, but 4-5 have gone astray for various lengths of time. We do have Tracking and Delivery Confirmation on Domestic Mailing, so we can usually locate it. Orders will NOT be replaced unless it is determined the package is truly lost. Otherwise, patience becomes a necessary virtue.


Shipping Policies (International):

We do accept International orders, but shipping is your risk. Lost packages will NOT be replaced by Cre8it.com

We cannot track international envelopes, and will not take responsibility for the postal services in other countries. All International Packages are marked "Return to Sender" and if we get them back, we will send them again, if you agree to pick up the new postage charges.

If your package is lost in the mail, our responsibility ends with our proof to you that we did indeed send the package.

All international shipping is done by Global Priority Mail, most in the Flat Rate Envelope for $32.95 ($23.95 Canada). We cannot ship to Mexico at this time.

Any order that will not fit that envelope (like more than 50 sheets of Sheer Heaven), goes into two envelopes which doubles the shipping cost.

Click the International Shipping Option in the Shopping Cart to adjust your Shipping Charge..


We have only had two in our history, but you never know. Returned goods in perfect condition will be accepted for refund minus shipping charges.

Contact Info:

8 Chapala Road
Santa Fe, NM 87508


At long last, I have gotten rid of my landline phone. Most calls were junk calls anyway. I am not willing to make my cell phone number public. Therefore, if you feel you must speak to me in person, please email me with your phone number and I will call you back. I get hundreds of emails a day (mostly junkmail), so please put a clue in the Subject line - like "Sheer Heaven Question" etc.

Fax: No can do.

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