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Inktense - From Soup to

A Self-Paced

Twelve PDF Lessons -
With video support where needed.

Tuition: $85

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This workshop has 12 PDF Lessons which you process at your own speed! There is some video support where needed as well.

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But not just in my art journal.

Over the past six years, I have tried them on everything (except my iPad), and have loved the results. Surfaces from fabrics to stretched canvas and even wood lend themselves to a beautiful dance with Inktense.

Oh, and did I mention how delightfully it transfers with Sheer Heaven?

This might just be the most wide-ranging art supply I have ever met, and I think it is time to share all my Inktense experiments and successful art projects with you!


If I had to go to a deserted island and bring only one source of color in my art survival kit, it would be a set of Derwent Inktense Pencils and Blocks.

I started using these watersoluble pencils in my art journal in 2006, just shortly after they were released. They have an amazing, popping intensity which spoke directly to my color-lovin' heart, and I have been using them ever since . . .


Above left is a dry Inktense drawing done on Sheer Heaven. At the right is the drawing transferred to fabric.

This is the very first drawing I ever did with Inktense - in a Moleskine Sketchbook.

I was shocked by the intensity of the color when the pencil was wet with a waterbrush.



This Leaf was drawn directly on fabric with Inktense pencils.



Tuition: $85



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