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This is a most unusual art journal retreat because all you bring with you is your iPad and Stylus!

Our entire journal is created inside the iPad including sketches, photos, collage pages, handwriting and printing, and anything else you can think of - all of this in a page-turning "real" digital journal that can also be saved as a PDF or printed as a whole or as individual pages - sized to fit our real world journals.

You can even create a slideshow or video of your iPad journal.

More magic and fun than a barrel of monkeys.

Come play in Santa Fe!

An Art Journal Adventure in

This is our third year offering this Santa Fe Art Journaling Retreat (although we have changed the name).

We have made other changes too - all for the better - if this retreat can even BE any better!

You spend 5 days exploring beautiful, historic Santa Fe, New Mexico, and learning to sketch what you discover.

EVERYBODY succeeds, even with no prior experience. That's a promise.

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Santa Fe Digital Photogaphy Retreat/Workshop

If ever there were a place to make a camera (and a photographer) do a happy dance, it's Santa Fe, New Mexico.

There's an old photographer's rule that you should always turn around to see what interesting scene might be behind you. Well, you could get very dizzy doing that here in Santa Fe.

Thousands of tourists' snapshots, and iconic professional photos have been taken here, but we will be after the unusual, eclectic subjects that tell the real story of Santa Fe, and its amazing, golden light.

INFO Page Coming Soon

Art Retreats are exhilarating and that is how it should be. You travel to an exciting place, meet new friends with common interests, and get to make art!

But Art Retreats can be too exciting. Too much input, too little time to digest any of it.

Our retreats are different.

The idea is to relax, enjoy where we are in the moment, and learn the skills that make our art better and better.

Then take the time to apply what we learn right then and there.

No rushing, no running, no stress, no overwhelm.

Exciting doesn't have to be exhausting.

2015 Schedule: Santa Fe Art & Photo & iPad Retreats

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