This wonderful wall doll, made of paper, sticks, and polymer clay, does more than just hang around. He can help you make all of your wishes come true - acting as a reminder that you actually have the power to do that.

Versions of our Star Shaman reside all over the world and so far, no one has called to say he has failed his mission. He makes a wonderful gift for any occasion or no occasion, or you can make one for your very own wall.

What You Will Need:
Please note: This doll is protected by Copyright and may not be made for resale. Permission is granted to make Star Shamans for gifts and personal use only.

2 matched sticks approx. 14" in length and relatively straight
Garden clippers and wedge shaped wooden ceramic tool
1/8" of a 2oz package of Copper Sculpey III
Craft or popsicle stick
A 5.5" square of Moonrock or other heavy and pliable handmade paper
Small sea sponge and gold acrylic craft paint
Hot Glue
Small piece of Fun Foam or similar product
Round nose jewelry pliers
A 6" piece of 16 gauge copper wire
A 2" piece of 22 gauge copper wire
A Star charm or bead
Pieces of color-coordinated card stock, string, paper punch
Rubber Stamps:
Single small star for cheek
All over star pattern for breastplate
Star pattern for the Shaman’s card (or create your own border)

Star Shaman’s Card Says:

When you wish upon a star,
He will show you where you are.
Then, he’ll help you clearly see
Where you really want to be.

© 1996 All Rights Reserved
Reprint Rights granted for cards used with Star Shamans made for gifts or personal use.

Star Shaman Kit
We realize that some of the necessary parts for creating our “Star Shaman” and other stick dolls are not as commonly available as we might wish. For example, finding a matched pair of natural 14" sticks that are relatively straight and have no branches, is no mean feat in many parts of the country. Moonrock paper is also less commonly available than you might think, and so are star star beads. So we have put together a “Star Shaman Kit” for those who want to get a head start on the supplies. We also have a “Doll Starter” kit for making two of any kind of “Stick Doll” you wish.

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