iPad Art Workshop Online

Tuition $125
Eleven Downloadable PDF Workbooks (Almost 600 pages!)

ALL workbooks are available when you register. I will email you the invitation to the classroom as soon as I see your order (I check several times a day).

Work through the lessons at your own pace, while enjoying the camaraderie of a private Yahoo Group classroom which already has over 125 students participating.

Join us and become an iPad art pioneer!

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The first Workbook is available for individual purchase at a cost of $15, which can then be credited to the full Workshop tuition if you choose to go on. This is to give you a taste of the teaching style and presentation before you enroll for the full program.

You can purchase Workbook One at this link: iPad Studio Workbook One

Workshop Description:

The concept is that, by learning the capabilities of amazing art and photography apps available for the iPad, and knowing how to combine their capabilities, you can create any two dimensional art that you could create in your real world studio.

The workshop builds your knowledge sequentially through 11 workbooks filled with step-by-step instructions and mini manuals for each of the apps we use.

Each Workbook is 50 pages (approx) of creative fun and iPad power-user knowledge. Subjects covered include every kind of drawing and painting media, art journaling, photographic arts and editing, image handling, and enhancements for your general "art" lifestyle that you could not imagine.

I do not list the apps included in the workshop because I recommend apps only with their mini-manuals (part of the workshop), so that your initial experience with each one will be a success.

Student Feedback:

I am so happy! This course is absolutely wonderful. I just love how you make it so that I can understand everything. I have such trouble trying to read instructions, I don't think I am dumb but I just cannot seem to do it. Your courses on the other hand I can understand and I am so IN LOVE WITH IT ALREADY AND I AM ONLY  ON MODULE 2,

I don't think I could ever say enough or praise you enough for the content, the ease of instructions and comprehension, but more than all that - the amount of time and effort that you have put into this for us all. I can honestly say that there is no way I could ever learn this by myself. You must have spent countless hours doing this, and I for one am SO GRATEFUL.

I have bought a few of the apps you mention but I am just not smart or savvy enough to work out and discover what they do.

I am having such a blast,THANK YOU THANK YOU

And thank you again


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I am a person who learns most easily by being SHOWN what to do and how to do it.

Because the things I want to learn are not readily available in a classroom setting, or they are too expensive, the next-best option is an online class. The best ones I have found (and I have taken many!) are jessica's.

First, her classes are well planned and thoroughly researched. Then they are put together in a form that makes it easy for raw newbies like me to understand. The lessons are visual and easy to follow, and they are available for downloading so that students can view them again and again.

And they are written with a big dose of humor!



Supply List:

Apple iPad (any model running the latest iOS for that model)
Sorry, this workshop is not for non-iPad tablets.

Stylus (Best is one with a "micro-mesh" fabric tip. Many are available from Amazon and other sources.)

Various Apps which will be suggested as we go along. All are either free, or very inexpensive.

A 4x6 inch rectangle of either Fun Foam or heavy felt.

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The first, and still the ONLY, iPad workshop for artists!

Though the iPad has caught on quickly among artists as a great e-reader, music player, web browser, etc., the idea of actually using the iPad to MAKE art has not caught on as quickly.

But the iPad is a great, portable art studio!

Most artists don't yet realize that there are hundreds of inexpensive apps waiting to create art that rivals their studio work in any 2D media.

Even if they have discovered a few of these art apps, they are often discouraged because instructions and manuals are incomplete or non-existent, and they can't figure how to use the apps to create anything.

So, I wrote the iPad Studio Workshop to fill the gap, and make these apps comfortable tools, with which you can create whatever your heart desires, wherever you happen to be, because your iPad is always with you.

Our workshop logo was created on the iPad.

Illustration (above):
When my furnace expansion tank started leaking. I painted the situation on my iPad - to get my mind off the cost of fixing it!

Looks just like my watermedia work on paper, doesn't it?

I curently create about half of my illustration work on my iPad.

I still love watercolor and paper as much as ever, but the convenience of being able to create a "watercolor" anytime and anywhere, has made me a much more prolific artist.

I frequently spend some "relax" time at a popular hangout in Santa Fe. I have always brought along an art journal, but was limited to the supplies I was carrying to basically just sketching ideas for "real" works.

Now, my iPad is always with me, and I not only sketch in my art journal on the iPad, but have created several finished paintings right there on the spot!

jessica (Instructor)