60 pages of projects, demos,

For a very long time, I have wished for a book like this. There used to be plenty of art and craft magazines and books full of creative promise - and a variety of ideas and techiniques.

When you read them, you heard your creative urges knocking, and got all excited to try new things. But, new things and variety have been scarce in arts publishing for a while now, and it's time to bring them back.

I am a full time artist, involved in a huge variety of creative endeavors - driven mostly by my desire to make my gallery in Santa Fe the most amazing place it can be.

My other passion, as witnessed by my eleven years of online teaching and writing, is to share with you the joys of creative discovery and the tools to make our visions a reality.

Please join me in this exciting adventure.

Creativity Knocking, Volume One - $15

An instantly delivered, downloadable PDF ebook. Read on any computer or on your iPad.


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