sheer heaven vellum The most exciting art surface since paper!
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This is the paper everybody’s talking about . . . Translucent, indestructible, Sheer Heaven is like working on a sheet of flexible frosted glass, if you can imagine such a thing. It takes all media, and it will go through your inkjet printer easily because it is lighter than card stock!

You can do absolutely anything on it or to it, but you cannot destroy it, warp it, wrinkle it, or tear it. It is unaffected by any amount of moisture - you can even soak it to dye it!

But, for all of its magic as a perfect surface for all art media and for collage, Sheer Heaven is known best for making the easiest and most perfect image transfers from inkjet prints.

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Or just keep reading this page to learn all about the inkjet transfers.

The Sheer Heaven Inkjet Transfer is foolproof!

It's as easy as these four steps:

2. Mist the print until it is evenly wet and glassy looking. You want to use a spray bottle that mists and not one with an uneven spray that blotches. Old hairspray bottles work great because they deliver a very fine mist.
1. Print a photo on Sheer Heaven, Gather an old hair spray bottle filled with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol from your medicine cabinet), an absorbent receiver (this is hot press watercolor paper), and a bone folder (optional).
3. Without touching the wet ink, place the print face down onto the receiver. Smooth it down with the side of your hand. You can use a bone folder to burnish further, but it's usually not necessary if you have applied an even coat of alcohol and the receiver has a smooth surface. 4. Lift off the Sheer Heaven to reveal your beautiful transfer. If you transfer to fabric, handmade paper, or a more textured paper, the transfer will reflect the texture of that surface. See our PDF tutorial for examples.

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