Magic Matte is paper, so it is not waterproof in the way that Sheer Heaven is, but it is treated with a "magic" surface that renders all injet ink waterproof - even dye based inkjet ink.

The luxurious, velvety smooth surface produces the richest inkjet print we’ve seen (similar to an Enhanced Matte inkjet paper), and the other unique thing is that this inkjet coating does not crack when the paper is scored and folded.

We have three weights of Magic Matte, so there is one that is perfect for any project.

We don’t know of any other premium inkjet surface that you can crease and fold (even with a bone folder) without causing the coating to crack and let the white paper show through. We also don’t know of one that is light enough for origami folds and water-resistant too!

Our Magic Matte Lite is a 27lb sheet (similar to copy paper weight) that prints a beautifully detailed inkjet photo and can be folded into the most intricate shapes without cracking even when bone folder burnished. It can also take the handling which many folded paper projects must endure. Origami artists can now print their own decorative papers. Handmade book artists can print paper for covers that will fold neatly at the corners.

Please Note: If you should experience any buckling or bronzing of dark areas when printing heavy coverage, change the setting to a premium gloss paper setting to lighten the ink load - or just give the paper sufficient time to dry and it will flatten out and lose the bronzing.

10 Pack (Letter Size 8.5x11) $3.00
25 Pack (Letter Size 8.5x11) $6.50

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These origami boxes are created from prints on Magic Matte Lite.

This is the perfect weight for collage art and art journals - thin enough to blend into its surroundings and won’t bleed when brushed over with acrylic matte.

Great for adding printed photos to journals or albums because not much thickness is built up and ink will not smear with handling, or the addition of wet media.

Will not buckle in collage if you follow this tip: Paint a thin coating of acrylic medium on the collage surface where the printed piece will go. Burnish the piece into place and allow to dry. You can then overcoat the with no worry of warping or buckling or the ink smearing.

10 Pack (Letter Size 8.5x11) $5.00
25 Pack (Letter Size 8.5x11) $10.00

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Photos are premium quality. The inkjet ink is renderd waterproof, so images can be painted over, and little thickness is addedto the journal. There is no better photo paper for art journaling and scrapbooking.

Perfect for greeting cards, postcards, ATCs, photos, and any other project that requires a great print on a cover weight paper. Scores and folds without cracking!

48lb matte cover is the perfect weight for photographs that will be loose in a collection, for reproducing antique postcards - or for creating your own paint samples as shown below right.

Scores and folds without cracking!!

10 Pack (Letter Size 8.5x11) $6.00
25 Pack (Letter Size 8.5x11) $14.00

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5 Sheets Magic Matte Lite (27lb)
5 Sheets Magic Matte Collage (36lb)
5 Sheets Magic Matte Card (48lb)


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